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2019 Farm Bureau Equine Town Hall

Equine Town Hall Recap

8/15/2019 Dream Park


Ryck Suydam, President, New Jersey Farm Bureau

            President Suydam welcomed all NJ farmers. He hopes the Farm Bureau Town Hall meetings will be informative and beneficial to all types of agriculture in the Garden State.


Dr. Carey Williams, Rutgers

            Dr. Williams explained pasture management. How different grazing systems for horses work and the impact on pasture and soil.  How it will help horse heath and farm economics.

Dr. Karyn Malinowski,  Rutgers, Director,Equine Science Center

            Discussed the state of the equine industry in 2018.  The Equine Science Center is known worldwide as the “go to” for information on any aspect of equine management.

Ed Wengryn

            Brought us up to date on Legislative  issues and how they affect equine liability and the right to farm.

Ernest Beier, DVM

            The owner of Ratting Run Farm in Mickleton, NJ, which features livestock management and hay production. He discussed diseases and preventative measures which will protect our horses. How to treat emergency health issues, due to heat, skin and infection.

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