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An Interview with Allison Hart; How She Balances Riding and School Work


Allison Hart has just started her senior year of high school at Pinelands Regional. She takes all honors and AP classes, on top of riding and showing her horse Riggs in Novice Youth. It has been a challenge to manage all her activities, but she accomplishes her goals.


Q: “How are you preparing yourself for your senior year?”


A: “I’m preparing for my senior year through starting to apply for colleges, and starting scholarship applications. On top of that, I have also been studying throughout the summer to prepare for my upcoming classes.”


Q: “How do you manage the upkeep of a horse, on top of your academic career?”


A: “Planning, planning, planning. Academics take precedent, studying and homework always come first, however I arrange my lessons and ride times to accommodate my busy schedule.”


Q: “What is the average day like for you?”


A: “I go through my day at school first, taking my honors and AP classes. After that I come home, and complete my homework and study. Once I am finished, I go to the barn and ride, or spend quality time with my horse. Then, I’ll come home and socialize with my family or study more for my classes.”


Q: “What takes up most of your time, specifically?”


A: “Most of my time, specifically, is spent applying to colleges such as Penn State, Rutgers University, and University of Florida. Along with that, I also have to prepare and study for my college-like AP classes.”


Q: “Do you have any tips for current students who have to balance school and showing?”


A: “My first tip would be to reduce distractions, as riding will already take up a lot of time after school, and you will be more productive in finishing your class work or studying. Also, stay motivated and try your best in school, and work just as hard as if you were riding.”

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