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The objective of the NJQHA is to maintain the integrity of the American Quarter Horse Breed, by promoting its outstanding characteristics of good mind, sound body and versatility.


Membership in our State Association offers a wealth of information, support and camaraderie.  As a member you are eligible to compete in approved AQHA shows to obtain points towards awards and prizes.


We are a diverse association, offering at least 2 Shows a year, with clinics to sharpen your skills. Our Trails and Recreation program includes All Breed Charity Trail Rides, parades, team penning and hunter paces offered by member Trail Associations.


Our Website has all the information you need: who, what, where, why and when.  It is updated monthly keeping members informed and up to date. 


Whether your goal is to become a world champion or just keep your horse on the trail, NJQHA is there to help.  And we do it all for the love of our AMERICAN QUARTER HORSES!


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Effective in 2021, all adult Amateurs must obtain one class sponsor for a NJQHA sponsored show. To ensure our sponsors are recognized at the show and through future NJQHA announcements, please use the 2024 Sponsorship Form>> to designate a specific class and show.  Additional details about this year-end award requirement can be found in the NJQHA Bylaws>> and 2024 High Score Year End Award Rules>>.

To be eligible for year-end awards, all adult Amateur exhibitors must obtain one class sponsor for a NJQHA sponsored show.

In Memoriam
Peter J Confrancesco III Image.jpg

Peter J. Cofrancesco, Jr. and Peter J. Cofrancesco III.  

Peter J. Cofrancesco Jr. (1946-2001) was born in Paterson, New Jersey. He was the owner of the Grinell Group of Companies for 27 years. In 1979, he moved his business to Sparta where he also purchased several acres of land to bring the Peter J. Cofrancesco Farms to fruition. In the late 1980's, Peter Jr. approached AQHA Professional Horseman Jeffrey Pait early in his career about a position to work for his family. Pait ended up spending 26 1/2 years with the Cofrancesco family where together they prepared, showed, and bred several high quality QHs. Aside from his family, business and farm, Peter Jr. was also driven to support and be involved with various horse organizations. He held several leadership positions including President of the Sussex County Horse Show/NJ State Fair, NJQHA President, Commissioner of the NJ State Racing Commission, and AQHA Director.  

Following in his father’s footsteps, Peter Cofrancesco III (1971- 2017) grew up to become a leader in Quarter Horse history. As a youth, Peter was President of the NJQHYA and in 1991 became President of the AQHA Junior Association, which is now called the AQHYA. Later, he served as the NJQHA President and represented NJ as an AQHA Director for Region 5. In 2008, he was elected to the AQHA Executive Committee where he was the first past AQHA Youth President ever to serve on the Executive Committee. Peter later served as AQHA President from 2011-2012. 

In addition, Peter was a talented exhibitor earning numerous titles including 18 world championships, often with Cofrancesco bred horses. Like his father, he also served on the NJ Horse Racing Commission. He was one of the founders of the World Conformation Horse Association (WCHA). Before passing in August 2017, Peter J. Cofrancesco III was recognized by the AQHA for his accomplishments and service by being inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame. 

We thank Peggy Cofrancesco and her family for their continued support of the NJQHA. Aside from the PJC Memorial Show held in September, a special award is also presented to the halter horse with the most points in halter.












Beth Lullman

Beth Lullman was a lifelong accomplished equestrian and retired teacher. Upon moving to Stockton, NJ in 2016, Beth began competing in NJQHA shows with her horse, All Would Envy aka Strider, under the guidance of Pierre Briere.  At the shows and at the barn, Beth was known for her positive attitude, smiles and love for her horse. Her hard work and partnership with Strider led them to win NJQHA Reserve Champion Novice Amateur All Around title for 2019 and be in in the top ten nationally, a goal that Beth set when she began riding Quarter Horses.  In early 2021, Beth was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. Beth faced this vicious disease like she has lived every day of her life, never complaining, always positive, always determined. Beth’s fight sadly came to an end on September 21, 2021.  She is missed dearly by her husband of 42 years Alan Lullman, her 3 children, Alan Jr., Lindsay and Courtney, and her 2 granddaughters, Parker and Mara, as well by her friends.  This trophy honors Beth’s passion and love for horses and the perfect partnership she had with Strider, values that are held in high esteem by the NJQHA. 

B Lullman Image.jpg
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