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Youth Board Update - October 2020 Report


This month, we unfortunately did not have the Congress, but the New Jersey Quarter Horse Association ran a fantastic Fall Show on October 16th to the 18th. Notable events include stake classes, generous giveaways, the ProHorseman Crisis Auction Fund with an exhibitor’s dinner, a youth meeting, and the NJQHYA scratch-off ticket raffle! 

  • Stake Classes: The stake classes included Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, and Showmanship, where open, amateur, and youth winners were announced! Interviews by the Youth Yap were held with the winners of these classes, and those interviews will be posted on the NJQHA Facebook page as well as the NJQHYA instagram page. Be sure to keep an eye out for those! 

    • Hunter Under Saddle:

      • Open and Amateur Winner: Hiedi Kling

      • Youth Winner: Thomas Lamson 

    • Trial: 

      • Open Winner: Jonathan Meilleur 

      • Youth Winner: Anna Goolsby 

    • Showmanship:

      • Amateur Winner: Ashley Leister 

      • Youth Winner: Natalie Totten 

  • Giveaways: Throughout the show, various classes had spontaneous and random giveaways, including a generous $25 gift card for Kelly Herd Jewelry, who was an onsite vendor. Giveaways from Haala and Harris were also given out to exhibitors!

  • Auction and Exhibitor Dinner: The ProHorseman Crisis Auction Fund was a very fun event held Saturday concurrently with our Exhibitor Dinner. This auction was held for the ProHorseman Crisis Fund, a fund in which benefits members of the ProHorseman Association by aiding them with distributions in the event that they have “proven financial need arising from sudden and demonstrable hardship or disaster of a severe and unexpected nature or from serious physical illness.” (aqha.com) This event was a fun one, especially paired with a free BBQ dinner. 

  • Youth Meeting: The Youth Meeting was held on the 17th on Friday night, gathering together with some old friends and some new ones too! During this meeting we held our election speeches and nominations for the 2020-2021 Youth Board. Elections will be held at our December meeting. Our Youth members also focused on selling raffle tickets for both a basket filled with lottery scratch off tickets and candy, and tickets for a free stall. The raffles were a lot of fun, and our youth did a fantastic job of selling these tickets! 


We look forward to our next Youth meeting in December! Hope everyone had an Outstanding October! 


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