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NJQH Youth Association

Youth Board Update - March 2020


We have Nicolette Occhifinto as our NJQHYA president, Alyssa Papiez as our Vice President, Emily Kutcha as our Treasurer, Adrianna Goolsby as our Secretary, and Adriana Totten as our Reporter. 

Region 5 Conference

Undoubtedly the highlight of this month, NJQHYA was able to participate in the Region 5 Youth Conference. Our region’s officers and directors were able to organize and run a unique, and fun-filled conference! We first started off the morning with ice-breakers, and we were later given the opportunity to tour the Select Breeders Services facility in Chesapeake City. SBS is one of the leading companies in the frozen equine semen industry as well as one of the leading worldwide distributors. On this knowledgeable tour, we met with Jonathan Clark and Dr. David Schofield, who taught us the process of their equine reproductive services, and we even got to see a foal only a few hours old. 


Following lunch supplied by Chick-fila we learned about the multiple programs and scholarships AQHA has to offer, including the Horseback Riding Program, the Young Horse Development Program, and the Youth Racing Experience. We also got the opportunity to make homemade dog toys made out of old t-shirts that were donated to Delaware SPCA, a local animal shelter. Jennifer Ridgely, coach for Delaware State University Equestrian Team, spoke about Division 1 competition. We had dinner and ice cream, followed by lasertag, bumper cars, and bowling! Thank you to all of our Region directors for running a fantastic and fun-filled conference! Hope to see you all next year! 



COVID-19 has shut down shows and barns nationwide, however it has not stopped the horse community! Across the nation, Virtual Horse Shows, taking place on facebook, have been becoming very popular where exhibitors send in a video of the specific pattern to be judged and scored. The feedback has been nothing but positive, with strangers nationwide congratulating and supporting their virtual competitors. The showmanship entries have also consisted of some unique exhibitors, including dogs and mini ponies! 


NJQHYA has gone digital! In late March, the youth members had their first online, virtual meeting using ‘Zoom’. In this meeting we discussed fundraising ideas as well as potential events in the future. We intend to do these online meetings fairly frequently so be sure to check out the NJQHYA facebook page for updates. 


Hoping everyone had a magical March! Stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy this free time of ‘social distancing’ with your horses and family!