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For those who like to compete, several quarter horse shows are available throughout the year in New Jersey. The NJQHA is proud to host three shows at the Gloucester Country DREAM Park Equestrian Center including the NJ QH Dream Show, NJ QH Youth Show and Peter J. Cofrancesco Memorial Show. Points from these three shows are used to determine the 2023 year-end award point tabulations.

2023 AQHA-Pointed Shows at the DREAM Park

Logan Township, New Jersey


May 11-14 NJQHA Spring Show (4 judges)

Prize List>>


June 21 Region 5 Championship Show

Prize List>>

June 22-25 NJQHYA Youth Show (4 judges)

updated 5/31/23!  Prize List>>

September 16-17 NJQHA PJC Memorial Show (3 judges)

updated 9/7/23! Prize List>>

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